From The Pastor's Study


An inaugural address brings anticipation of the truths that will guide each administation. So with interest I heard and I learned if you please that the ship of our state can best sail on four seas.

The sea of civility is not easy to find its' inlet is narrow, its' entrance is mined with bitterness, rancor, hatred and pride. Such national sins are not easy to hide.

These waters are needed you see, just reflect that for captain and crew to set sail with respect. The soul of each sailor needs humility To navigate well through civility.

The sea of compassion holds water most calm a miraculous elixir bringing good and no harm. To care for each sea mate, not one left behind, is a worthy ambition to hold in our mind.

Compassion will strengthen, not weaken the crew, holding each one responsible for all that they do. With lifelines abundant, we cannot afford, our crew mates to perish who fall overboard.

The sea of courage most mariners say, will test every ship in a seaworthy way. To see if it sails under stress, under threat, and adapt to all weather, bitter cold, drenching wet.

The sea's full of dangers, it's absurd to ignore, the threats to our freedoms, the threats to our shores. To hold to our values, never falter nor fear, requires resolute courage, if on course we would steer.

The sea of character, it's so sad, yet quite true, is hardly been traveled as folks used to do. "It's too clear, too pristine, too demanding " they say. We like murkier waters, darker the better the way.

But the mark should be higher, we all know, don't deny it. Purer standards should guide, both in public and private. A desire for much better is a need I detect, for captains and leaders who would earn our respect.

Four C's are key to make America great, to bind up our wounds and dispel all the hate. The divisions, injustice, the sickness that ails us These seas should be sailed, all else has sure failed us.

Civility, Compassion, Courage and Character, are not all there is but they must surely factor. In the life of our nation, all stations, each race. May God grant us safe sailing on the seas of His grace.

Paul Gordon
Pastor of Grace Reformed Baptist Church
Pine Bush, NY


  Red Mills Road, Pine Bush, New York